1 More Great Reason To Learn ActionScript 3

Adobe Flash CS5 Professional: Applications for iPhone

If you’ve missed out the announcements at Adobe MAX, I’m going to fill you in on this great reason to learn ActionScript 3!

In Flash CS5, you will be able to use ActionScript 3 to write your application, and publish that content straight as a native application for iPhone! With the increased possibilities and wider distribution networks, if now is still not the season to convince one to migrate to ActionScript 3, I have no idea when will. :) Read more about Flash CS5 Beta. and Flash CS5: Applications for iPhone.

Some entertainment. *loL~!*

[UPDATE: Just saw Peter Elst’s article about this, check out “Using Flash to compile to iPhone applications”]

For a write-up on the rest of the announcements, check out Flash Magazine’s article, “New Flash Player info and Beta releases on Adobe Labs.”

The Adobe MAX Day 2 keynote will begin on Wednesday, 0120hrs for those who are at GMT+8 zone, so don’t miss that! You can follow this direct link to register now. I would expect even more exciting announcements to come. šŸ˜‰

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2 Responses to 1 More Great Reason To Learn ActionScript 3

  1. Mario Gonzalez says:

    Iā€™m going to fill you in on this great reason to learn Objective-C!
    xCode can compile iphone applications!

    Make the jump, learning is good.

    Mario Gonzalez

  2. May I suggest this website? http://tutorials.as3.ca it is a compilation of the best AS3 tutorials on the internet, organized by category & difficulty level. It might not be a pretty site but the content is golden! It is a work in progress, still adding tutorials weekly.