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Useful Posts From Community: 20080425

Planning to start a thread of useful posts gathered from the community. Would probably try to do this as often as I can. Anyway, here’s some interesting stuff I found recently. Five3D for AS 3.0 (via Tink) Very interesting AS3 … Continue reading

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How To Create AS3 Components In Flash

Probably the last places I would have thought of stumbling onto great links to tutorials will be, but who would have expected? 😛 Jeff Kamerer, an engineer on the Flash Authoring team, had written an extensive article on Adobe’s … Continue reading

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Free MovieClip Transition Effects Component!

Something exciting is going on now at Simply enter a comment in "Free MCTE Component Giveaways", and you’ll receive a free copy of MCTE V3 (value $50)! Atop of that, if you’re one of three lucky commenters, you will … Continue reading

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AS3 Tutorial: Moving Based On Mouse Location

Objective Learn a simple way to detect location differences. Make something move using that difference. Files Required Tutorial Files Let’s Get Started! In its entirety, this is a very basic tutorial. However, I’ve planned for great things through the use … Continue reading

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PV3D Render Error With TextFields

While writing my previous tutorial, I noticed this rendering bug with PV3D when my movieclip, which is to be used as a MovieAssetMaterial, uses a static textfield in it. I have no idea exactly what causes it, but to workaround, … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Skin A PV3D Cube Using MovieAssetMaterial

Objective Learn about the properties that can be used in the generic object that you pass in to the MaterialsList constructor. Learn how to use a movieclip as a material through its linkage id using MovieAssetMaterial. Prerequisite Creating A PV3D … Continue reading

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