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The Firefox Event Of The Year

Need I say anything more? Support Firefox, the browser that you use and love! 😀 As a side note, I simply adore the illustrative designs of the Download Day website! *~thumbs up*

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jQuery: A Hidden Blessing

I love to evangelise about tools, frameworks or books that had aided me in my course of work. After my recent project, I feel the need to write this post about jQuery to spread the love that it had given … Continue reading

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A Humbling Experience

For years I had this thought that since Flash is so much more superior to HTML, there’s really not much point in learning the ins-and-outs of HTML. At that time when this thought first seeded, CSS was something that was … Continue reading

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This Is How You Uninstall Adobe AIR

With many thanks to Oliver Goldman from the Adobe AIR Engineering, I’ve finally solved my problem. Quoted from his email, here’s how you uninstall Adobe AIR if it does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs control panel: Download the latest … Continue reading

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How Do You Uninstall Adobe AIR?

I’m shouting “help” here, so if anybody knows the answer to my hair-pulling problem, please save me. How I land myself in this situation may or may not be important, so unless inquired, let’s skip it for now. The methods … Continue reading

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