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Flash CS4: A Feature Packed Tour

Over at, Lee just posted an awesome feature tour of Flash CS4. I’ve heard many good things about the latest features in Flash CS4, but seeing them in action is a whole new experience! I could, if I wanted … Continue reading

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The FlashTracer That Works With Firefox 3

Call it a case of bad advertising I will. In the line of work that I’m in, I can’t help but feel this way. :/ In my opinion, FlashTracer was the best thing that happened in Flash development on the … Continue reading

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FlashEff Patterns Creation Contest

Alin Dogar from just dropped me an email yesterday regarding the launch of their FlashEff Pattern Creation Contest. I have been very keen to try out FlashEff since it first launched—the things I see are really amazing. đŸ˜€ Now … Continue reading

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Generate ActionScript 3.0 With StarUML

UML is the kind of programmers’ lingo that I have a vague knowledge about—it involves diagrams describing classes. After hearing about it a year ago, I still only have a rough idea about it. The exact details are somehow too … Continue reading

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Missed 360|Flex San Jose 2008? No Problem!

This is quite old news, but it’s _sooo important_ that I believe I have to share it anyway. đŸ˜› With many thanks to Ted Patrick, those of us who missed all the goodness of 360|Flex San Jose 2008 can now … Continue reading

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