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The ActionScript Conference 2009

The ActionScript Conference (TAC) is the largest ActionScript conference in South East Asia. Register early for the early bird price and to avoid disappointment! Continue reading

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AS3 Support For Flash CS4 Missing In FDT 3?

When you’re using Flash CS4 and FDT3, you will notice that AS3 support for Flash CS4 is missing in the Project Language area. This article will show you how to bring it back. Continue reading

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Fastest Development Time Scored With Gaia Framework (Yet)

There are a few reasons why I will use the Gaia Framework whenever I can, but today, I want to share the speed factor of developing with the Gaia Framework. Continue reading

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How Pixel Perfectness Drove Me Mad

I’m always obsessed with positioning things on stage of the Flash IDE; I need them to be pixel perfect. Here’s a tip makes things so much easier. Continue reading

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Free Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazines (What?!)

Flash&Flex Developer’s Magazine (FFDMag) are now offering all but their latest magazines to download for free. Now I know you must be excited, so read on! Continue reading

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