Photo of Lionel Low a.k.a. FlashmechHi there! I’m Lionel a.k.a. Flashmech. :) I am the author of this site, and am the founder of Flashmech.net, a company which provides development and consultation services for the Flash Platform and more.

As an Instructor at VOX LAB, School of Visual Arts Pte Ltd, I also provide training courses to students from all walks of life, allowing me to understand their needs and work together to push the Flash Platform’s boundary further.

In the last employment, I was employed as an Interactive Developer at Interactive at Tequila Asia Pacific. I delivered compelling solutions for both Flash and HTML platforms through the use of the latest technology frameworks.

When I was an Engineer, ActionScript Developer at Radixs Pte Ltd, I worked on a social networking software. Being one of the key engineers behind the desktop client version, I learnt very valuable experience which helped me to grow to become a more mature developer, using Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns with Macromedia Flash 8.

Prior to this, I freelanced as a developer and Flash animator for a couple of interactive applications. One of the highlights includes Singapore Sports Counsel’s Financial Statement CD-Rom, which was the first time the organisation was distributing in an interactive CD-Rom form, rather than the regular book form.

Being originally trained in Digital Media Design, I have an acute sense towards both interaction and graphic design, apart from having strong skills with application development. Recognition was received when the projects I was involved in won both national and international awards, which includes The Kalamazoo Animation Festival, The Crowbar Awards, and the Most Innovative Learning Object from E-Learning Competency Centre (ECC).

Continuation of exploration is the only way to grow. Besides being extremely interested in games development with math and physics, I am always on the edge of technology by experimenting with Adobe Flex, applying design patterns, playing with 3rd party 3D engine for Adobe Flash, and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

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[Last Updated @ 7 Jul 2011]

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