Adobe February eSeminars

Adobe February eSeminars

Coming this February, Adobe will be having several free, one hour eSeminars that you can attend right at the comfort of _________(insert favourite place here)! 😀

However, I have no idea why Adobe is restricting the number of participants for the eSeminars. After I registered, emails containing all the events that I registered for were being sent to me, with the following message:

You are on waiting list for this event.
We will notify you once there is a seat available for you.

Forgive me for my lack my knowledge, but since it’s an eSeminar, why not accept all participants? There’s neither actual seats that we’re taking up, nor is there a real room which possibly can’t accommodate the size of the audiences. It just buffles me. :S

Anyway, there are some pretty good titles and I believe you should take a look and get yourself registered. Looking at the duration however, I got a very strong feeling that we will just be gliding through the winds. 😛

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One Response to Adobe February eSeminars

  1. Cherry says:

    I agree with you. It’s shows the message “Fully Booked” when I tried to register. Adobe need to remove such restrictions for e-seminars atleast.