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Flash&Flex Developer's MagazineWith thanks to Shunjie, he introduced me to the Flash&Flex Developer’s Magazine, a quarterly publication in the USA. If you are like me, not knowing this awesome magazine’s existence, read on to find out more. 😉

Ask me personally and I’ll tell you FFDMag is a solid make. Take their latest issue for example: topics, to name a few, like “How to Develop Flash Games for the Nintendo Wii”, “Getting Started with Google Maps in Flash”, and the hot topic of “Increasing Flash and Flex Search Engine Optimization” simply psyches me! 😀

In addition to the multitudes of code samples, accompanying each article is a “Level of difficulty” wheel, which is a really nice touch. It immediately provides a visual guide for both experts and beginners on the Flash Platform.

Level Of Difficulty WheelThink about it, the wheel also gives you a rough guide of the amount of effort you have to put in to learn. Of course, you will earn the bragging rights and the feel good factor after you have conquered a level 3 article. 😛

To top it all off, each issue also comes with a CD with the latest tools, applications and video tutorials. Now how cool is that? 😉

The next few evenings will be busy but fruitful, for I know I’ll be reading my FFDMag. *w00tz~*

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