August is Coding Monkey Month!

Coding Monkey Caught At Work!For the last couple of weeks, I’ve immersed myself in the studies of what’s the latest stuff surrounding the Flash Platform. Got my feet (pretty) wet as well by playing with Papervision3D, learning the new and powerful ActionScript 3, looking around tweening engines which are AS3 compliant, among many many other fun stuff.

Amidst all this fun, I came to realise that I’ve actually neglected my work! :( Other than fixing bugs and making minor enhancements, I have yet to create any ground breaking features which I can be proud of.

Starting August (it’s already the 2nd!), it’s the Coding Monkey Month (CMM)! Don’t bother googling, I made this up. 😀 In its essence, coding is what I do, chosen monkey because it sounded lame and I need my dosage of acting silly, and yeah, for a month! I’ve got a pretty tight schedule lined up for the weeks to come, and I’m pretty confident that these new stuff will push the experience of using of my company’s product (VelvetPuffin) to the next level.

I can’t wait to begin! hoo-hoo-hoo!

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I have too many things in plans for my own good. But well, that's me. :) I love God, praise Him, and trust that He has the best plans in life for me.
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One Response to August is Coding Monkey Month!

  1. Sandee* says:

    Huh! You look fabulous in that picture! Enjoy your CMM!