Beginner’s Guide to Powerflasher’s FDT 4

FDTMichael Plank recently wrote an article on Activetuts+ titled “Beginner’s Guide to Powerflasher’s FDT 4.” It is choked full of good stuff: time-saving features, getting started, and different kind of workflows when developing with FDT 4. Here are two features that I want to highlight, because I wasn’t aware they existed!

Camel Case Code Completion

You can use “camel case auto completion” — for example, stage.ael will offer the function addEventListener(). I’ve been wanting a function like this ever since I started using FDT! I wonder if this is new or I completely missed out. :S

Camel Case Code Complete

Camel Case Code Complete

Color Chooser

Put your cursor over the hex code and activate Quick Fix (CMD/CTRL + 1). Choose “Select color” and use the color picker. The nifty part about this feature is that you don’t have to copy and paste back the value. After choosing your new color, simply close the color picker and viola! The new chosen color is automatically replaced in! 😀

Select Color In FDT

Select Color In FDT

There are other cool tips and detailed write-up on the various workflows in FDT 4 at the article; do check it out. 😉

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