Bloxorz In-game Screenshot
This tile-based game rocks! Puzzles are addictive, tough and frustrating at times, but still interesting enough to capture you. Really love the different levels of game play, be it triggering of buttons, splitting of the block into two, fragile tiles and so on. The concept of how the concentrated weight of the block is needed to activate special buttons is really intelligently thought of. :)

Try Bloxorz now!

I’ve completed the entire game, and decided to post up the passcodes here.

NOTE: For your own enjoyment, you should not skip any stages using the passcodes that I’ve provided here. These passcodes are here so that if you just want to replay the 30th stage, you would not need to play through 29 stages. Get what I mean? Good. 😀

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17 Responses to Bloxorz

  1. Great game! Thanks for the passcodes. How long did it take you to complete?


  2. flashmech says:


    Haha.. my pleasure. 😀 My colleague Arul introduced it to me and I got hooked! I spent roughly about 3 hours on first go.

    Second try took an hour from start to end, and the motivation behind it was to collect the passcodes. 😛

  3. michelle says:

    well i started a few days ago, and HELPPPPP!!! i am well and truly stuck on level 28.!! so far I havent cheated, but the temptation is getting to me. how did you manage to complete it, i cant seem to get past it, and half a bottle of wine later i am still here :( .

  4. flashmech says:


    I’m not sure how I can help without giving away too much, but here’s the trick.

    Always visualize backwards! If you have a targeted point, work backwards from there! that will save you a lot bucketful of troubles!

    All the best! 😉

  5. bea says:

    im really stuck on level 7!!! only a beginner! started yesterday?! help!!

  6. Ellen says:

    I already tried working backwards, but I can’t really get out of stage 28.

  7. flashmech says:


    No matter how nonsensical some moves might be, they may be the ones that help you complete the puzzle! I remember that I spent quite a long time at this puzzle too. :)

    Don’t give up!

  8. ozzy says:

    ok i think sth is wrong i just started playing and i CANNOT get past level seven and i tried the level 8 passcode and it wouldnt work:s i used the passcode cuz i tried like a 100 times plz tell me how to pass level 7 😀


  9. flashmech says:


    You might want to try again, guess you typed it the passcode wrongly? I just tested it and it’s working fine.

    Level 7 is one of the early tough ones. As long as you hit the ‘X’ button, and make use of the added tile, it will get you to your destination.

    No point in providing step by step huh? Kills all the fun don’t you agree? 😉

  10. ozzy says:

    thnx!! i’ll try that i havent used the X button completly forgot about it thnx:=)

  11. mpumzi says:

    Hi Guys, I am really stuck on level 28. Its been a week now. Please help.

  12. zoe says:

    i like this game

  13. HayleyBrehanne says:

    OMG!! I really need help on level 7 and i don;t want too cheat by getting the post codes do u have any hints or anything please help!!

    • flashmech says:

      I would think by giving hints will kill half the joy. 😀 It is also necessary to hone your skills at the beginning levels because the later levels are much harder. :)

  14. Nicole says:

    Stuck on Stage 30… Help please??? 😀

  15. Tara says:

    whats the level 33 walkthrough movement code things?