Cheat Sheets For Developers

First off I need to apologise for being out of zone for the past months. Got overwhelmed at work, had to make some major decisions in life, and when I got some time to myself, I just needed the break. 😛

Well I want to share something very important today, something that is very close to the hearts of all developers. Developers these days need to have different skill sets, and need to know them well. With the amount that we need to know, it’s not unusual if we forgot some API from some languages.

Enter cheat sheets. 😀

Imagine how I felt when I found a site that are providing quality cheat sheets that are written by bestselling authors and leading experts. *whoohoo~!*

The information contained in these cheat sheets are reliable and relevant for today’s developers, giving us the edge that we all need on a tight schedule. I don’t think I have to sell them to you anymore; I bet you already know that they are good resources. 😉

Head over to RefCardz, get yourself registered with them, and finally grab their RSS feed.

Disclaimer: I’m not getting anything out of this from DZone. I simply think it is a great thing that they are doing for the community and thus, I do my part to spread the love. :)

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