Coding Monkey Month Is Over!

And so it ends! In fact Coding Monkey Month (CMM) had ended nearly a week already! Ok I’ve been lazy or should I say, too busy to blog about it. There’s a new set of stuff to be implemented at work, so yeah, time was strictly kept for work.

I had probably set too high expectations before the start of CMM, so was a bit disappointed when all things planned did not come to fruition. Was I over ambitious? hmm.. On the overall, I guess I’m still satisfied. 😛 Did a couple of new features in the blog module, couple of bug fixes, UI enhancements, refactored a bunch of codes, and experimented with yet some other new stuff.

There’s still lots of room for improvement though, and I’m definitely looking forward to target those areas. Till the next month when official requirements aren’t tight, I shall start another Coding {insert random animal here} Month! 😀

About Flashmech

I have too many things in plans for my own good. But well, that's me. :) I love God, praise Him, and trust that He has the best plans in life for me.
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2 Responses to Coding Monkey Month Is Over!

  1. shunjie says:

    Any monkeys or animals hurted in the process? 😉

  2. flashmech says:

    Nah… haha.. I guess I’m the only one “hurt” in the process. 😛