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Extending Flash through 3rd Party Tools, using the Extension Manager, makes your life easier. Since other people have already devoted their time to create such tools, it brings about the following advantages when you use them.

  • Save development time
  • Improves work flow
  • Do things better than you used to be able to do
Types of Extensions
  • Components
    Window -> Components
  • Libraries
    Window -> Common Libraries
  • Panels
    Window -> Other Panels
  • Tools
    Edit -> Customize Tools Panel…
  • Commands
    Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts…
Resources to learn more!
Where are all these files stored after installation?

First, navigate to the configuration folder:

Windows 2000/XP:

C:/Documents and Settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Adobe/Flash CS3//Configuration/

Mac OS X:

Hard Drive/Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS3//Configuration/

From here it is easy to locate where the new files were installed.

  • Components are installed in Components folder (.swc/.fla).
  • Libraries are installed in Libraries folder (.fla).
  • Commands are installed in Commands folder (.jsfl).
  • Tools are installed in Tools folder (.jsfl + .png + .xml[optional]).
  • Panels are installed in WindowSWF folder (.swf + .jsfl[optional]).

During the session, Ryan asked how did I placed my presentation slide in Flash IDE as a side panel. Simply place the desired .swf file into the WindowSWF folder and restart Flash IDE. After which, from the menu bar, navigate to Window -> Other Panels. You should find your panel there. 😉

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