Project Flexas

Wow how time flies. I’m into the tenth day of Project Flexas, and I still have not introduced it at all!

Adobe Flex
Project: Flexas
Duration: 30 Days
Objective: To learn Flex 2 and ActionScript 3.0 within 30 days, after which, able to confidently develop and deploy projects using the skills learnt.

How does this name come about you ask? Well.. simple! ActionScript is called AS in short, so by simply concatenating “Flex” with “AS”, you get Flexas! :)

Part of my technology ride that I’ve recently began, I’ve been very very busy and absorbed daily by Flexas! The original motivation started when Adobe announced the launch of the alpha version of Apollo. I want to be able to deploy something on Apollo!!

Looking back at the last 10 days, they had been very fruitful. I’m now able to navigate confidently around in the Flex IDE, and able to do simple events and states setup, loading of external XML and doing some basic ActionScript 3.0.

Unfortunately though, I think I’m not pushing myself hard enough. Mmm… I seem to be lagging behind my milestones. Gotta keep pushing!!

Wish me luck! :)

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