Do Not Disturb: Self-Improvement In Progress!

And you should too! Smashing Magazine had just compiled a “best of” list of tutorials for Flash that is just way too cool! 😀

Everyone says that “content is king”, and I’m not about to dispute that. But the right effects applied to the right content will make the necessary cut that you might need to stand out above the rest, and that makes all the difference in securing the pitch for your next project. 😉

About Flashmech

I have too many things in plans for my own good. But well, that's me. :) I love God, praise Him, and trust that He has the best plans in life for me.
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4 Responses to Do Not Disturb: Self-Improvement In Progress!

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  2. flashmech says:

    Would really love to do that, though time is of an essence. 😛

  3. Love your headline. :-) definite attention grabber! lol

    I don’t know if I agree about flash. The problem I have with it is that it loads too slow on dial-up connections, which kind of automatically alienates a good portion of the market. I like to stick to fast loading stuff as much as possible… but that’s just me.


  4. flashmech says:

    You can rest your concerns I guess. 😀

    Nowadays, broadband is getting more and more widespread. In addition, with good management of assets and resources, Flash file sizes can be relatively small as well (think in the sense of multiple flash files rather than one huge monster 😀 ).

    Flash is nearly ubiquitous nowadays, and the things it can do is a testament that it will stay for a long long time to come. :)

    If you have not started, why not download the trial and give it a go? You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. 😉