Dreamweaver CS4 Offers Game Changing Features

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If you have been following through the last few versions of Dreamweaver, you would have noticed that Dreamweaver jumped version after version without any revolutionary, ground-breaking changes. And it’s nearly understandable, since the demand for the Flash platform drives Adobe to focus and develop more and more tools based for it, making the platform the centre of their game.

With Flash, Flex, AIR, Thermo, and other legacy products like Photoshop to focus on, IMHO I felt Dreamweaver was somewhat neglected?

Even as a web developer myself, the maximum use I used to have for Dreamweaver was just to centralise my Flash movie at the centre of the html page (using tables to layout). After I picked up CSS skills, I could do this and a lot more in any text editor (e.g. FlashDevelop), with Firefox (and Firebug) being my first mate to check my latest changes. Dreamweaver no longer was of any use to me!

As CSS support increases across the various browsers, and AJAX becoming increasingly popular and amazingly easier to write (e.g. jQuery) compared to traditional JavaScript, and alternate IDEs (e.g. Aptana) springing up to compete for the same pie of business, Adobe realises that their acquired product needs a lot more attention and work.

What Dreamweaver CS4 offers is really game changing, and is making me as a web developer, excited over Dreamweaver again. 😀 Personally I’m really psyched over these 3 features:

  1. It gets live preview, which uses Webkit, so you can see how your site looks like straight in the IDE (e.g. no more F12 and countless refreshes!)
  2. When it’s live previewing, you can see at runtime how the generated DOM changes, and see how your design interacts with the code (e.g. no more Firebug!)
  3. Code completion for JavaScript and Ajax libraries

I’m really excited with the code completion by the way. Being an entry level JavaScript coder, I find myself relying on a lot of help because of unfamiliarity with the syntax. After the code completion, if Adobe makes it as easy as the way it is to get syntax help like Flash and Flex (e.g. moving your cursor in between the code and pressing F1), I will say that Dreamweaver will become my editor of choice again. 😉

Here is the screencast where Andre Charland caught up with Scott Fegette from the Dreamweaver product management team to get a demo of the new features (view original post).

Give Dreamweaver CS4 beta a roll today!

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6 Responses to Dreamweaver CS4 Offers Game Changing Features

  1. shinchi says:

    Very cool. Code completing for Javascript is great. I hope it works with various frameworks too!

  2. flashmech says:

    It does! From the video it is said that it is dynamically populated, which means that if the various framework are properly written, all of them would be included in the code completion!

  3. aK says:

    It would be really killer if they made it also support actionscript 2 and 3 and made dreamweaver the editor of choice for as3 dev for flash 9 cs3.

  4. Dave Story says:

    Thanks for the props, the team appreciates it! We took a serious quality and integration focus in DW CS3 after the combination of Macromedia and Adobe. Then we got a strong start on DW CS4, so I’m glad you’re seeing some of our new innovations. There’s lots more to come…the Dreamweaver team is fired up and really has a strong pipeline!


    Dave Story
    VP Engineering, Adobe Creative Solutions

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