The Erik Natzke Effect

The Erik Natzke Effect

The Flash Forward Conference always happens too far away from where I live, and since I don’t have the luxury of deep pockets, I’m really glad the community always posts up information to keep the rest of us updated. :)

After reading Lee Brimelow‘s coverage, especially on the part where “Natzke Always Inspires”, I do feel I missed something great. I still remember back in Singapore MAX 2006 when I first saw Erik‘s works, they were truly awe inspiring.

Though I missed Erik’s talk, kudos to him for releasing the full source of what he showed at the Flash Forward Conference! After viewing his works, I got inspired all over again, and I can’t wait to play around with the source files! 😀

I guess that’s what you call, _the Erik Natzke Effect_. *loL~*

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