I’m FDT’s Official Technology Evangelist!

FDT Official Technology EvangelistI don’t exactly know what to say! 😛

It was really awesome meeting the guys from Powerflasher when they came down to The ActionScript Conference. Not only did I learn a lot more about FDT, I never imagined that our meeting would spin off an opportunity such as this! *w00ts~*

Thanks for the opportunity guys, to be a FDT Official Technology Evangelist! 😀

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I have too many things in plans for my own good. But well, that's me. :) I love God, praise Him, and trust that He has the best plans in life for me.
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7 Responses to I’m FDT’s Official Technology Evangelist!

  1. arulprasad says:

    that’s so cool! Congrats dude!!

  2. David R says:

    Cool! Now sell me on why I should buy FDT for more than the cost of Flex Builder & FlashDevelop combined? :)

  3. 5566 says:

    congrats man! that’s really something!

  4. flashmech says:

    Many thanks guys! 😀

    Flex Builder is still awesome for Flex, and there’s no changing that. At least not with the current version of FDT. 😀 Heard that FDT will be rolling out mxml support, so till then let’s see how things changes.

    Regarding FlashDevelop, there’s a few tools that FDT has that makes FDT better to code with. Those tools became tools I can no longer live without. 😀

    But don’t get me wrong though, FlashDevelop is still an awesome editor in its own rights. Not to mention that it’s free. 😉

    Check out my review comparison between FDT and FlashDevelop!

  5. shunjie says:

    Wow thats great news! Congrats!

  6. Alvin says:

    im a little late but that is awesome cool! congrats!

  7. flashmech says:

    @shunjie @alvin
    thanks guys! 😀