FDT Tip: Be A Formatting King

People are different; every developer codes in a different style. Some loves the additional white space here and there, while others could not live until their curly braces sits on a new line. You name it!

Back when I was using FlashDevelop, I was very conscious about writing beautifully formatted code. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still exercising this, just that FDT made my life so much simpler now. The difference between now and then is that I had no choice but to code them properly so that they are pleasant to my eyes.

To each his own gripes, well for me is code formatting. Nightmare strikes whenever I have to take over a project from someone else who has no sense of formatting their codes. Trying to figure out those codes are just a plain waste of time.

FDT comes to the rescue by offering a way to auto format your code. What I love is the level of intricacy that FDT allows you to go into! Here’s the place to customise your preferences:
Window -> Preferences… -> FDT -> Code Style -> Formatter
FDT Formatter

After setting your preferences, you can now format your codes either by Source -> Format or Ctrl-Shift-F
FDT Format Shortcut

For those obsessed with their own formatting style who can’t live to see other styles (like me? *loL~*), you can _even_ format the generated codes from SWCs! 😉

Head over to Window -> Preferences… -> FDT -> Misc, and check the “Enable formatting of SWC code” option.
FDT Enable Formatting Of SWC Code

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