FDT Tip: Configure Your Build Path

I guess most of us, when we create a new flash project in FDT, will ignore most of the initial options that we can play with. However, knowing how to configure your build path, which separates sources and eventual compiled .swf files into different folders, is important. Not only will your folder structure be cleaner, it can even set you up for a greater convenience which I’ll show in a future tip. 😉

Let’s us now go through how to set up your own build path in FDT.

Here’s a screen capture of the dialog box when you create a new flash project.
Click on the second Configure defaults… as shown.
FDT Create New Flash Project Dialog

Which will bring you to the Build Path preferences.
FDT Build Path Preferences

Most people will usually name the output folder name as “bin” which stands for “binaries”, but hey, feel free to name it anything you want! 😀 When you compile your project now, the compiled .swf file will be placed into this output folder rather than the root of your folder structure if your default is empty.

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