FDT Tip: Creating Working Sets

Knowing how to create working sets is key to a more manageable project space. If you’re handling more than a couple of projects, you will find this tip to be pretty helpful. 😉

First click on the little arrow down icon, and click on “Select Working Set…”
FDT Flash Explorer Start

By default, you should have no working sets, so let’s create one by clicking on “New…”
FDT Select Working Set

I haven’t tried what other types of working sets will provide, but really, we are more focused on managing our flash explorer at the moment aye? 😉
Click on “Flash” and then “Next >”
FDT New Working Set

Over here in this view, is the place where you specify what you want to show in your working set. If your project used some open source frameworks, it’s best to “turn them off” since you’re never going to use them directly. Basically, it all boils down to what you want to get shown.
FDT Create Working Set

*A very important note* that I want to highlight is that there are three types of checkboxes as you can see from the above screenshot: empty, tick, and square.

Empty and tick types are common, but what’s square? Square means that some folders or files in it are selected, while others are not. And because of this, you have to note that if you add new files or folders into these “squared” folders, you have to *manually update* these new folders or files.

This brings me back to my previous tip, knowing how to configure your build path. If your .swf files are in the root folder, each time you have a new file, you have to update your working set. Placing them all in the “bin” folder will always keep them updated. Sweet! 😀

Once you have created your working set, don’t forget to check it before clicking “OK”. If you have multiple working sets, you can even check several of them to view them in your flash explorer all at the same time. 😉
FDT Select Working Set Done

Viola, your flash explorer is now so much cleaner! 😀
FDT Flash Explorer Done

Do spend some time to play around more with working sets, because after a while, you’ll start to realise the power that it offers, allowing you to switch between projects very efficiently.

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2 Responses to FDT Tip: Creating Working Sets

  1. Timothee Groleau says:

    Nice tip, thanks Lionel. It’s worth noting that you can also keep clean project space by using different eclipse workspaces, perhaps based on client, or what not. I expect using the working spaces is only a view, but all the projects are still loaded (?), using different workspaces lets you limit what you have loaded in eclipse at any one time.

  2. flashmech says:

    hehe.. your concern is right. I’ll do a post about it shortly to share my workaround. Thanks for highlighting Tim! :)