Flash CS4: A Feature Packed Tour

Over at gotoAndLearn.com, Lee just posted an awesome feature tour of Flash CS4.

I’ve heard many good things about the latest features in Flash CS4, but seeing them in action is a whole new experience! I could, if I wanted to, list down all the features that were featured in the video. But why waste the time when I know you are going to watch it full length anyway? 😀

Enjoy! And don’t forget to thank Lee for it. :)

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2 Responses to Flash CS4: A Feature Packed Tour

  1. danbo says:

    Hello from France,
    About this software (Flash) I use for a long time, I have some questions.
    1) the development of SQLite means for me, that we have a new possiblity to exchange datas whithout having any Server, but we have a plug to make more than a cookie by ‘Loadvars…’ and ‘Flush’ etc…
    The fact that SQLite is really light can give to Flash the big jump making it a real Gear for animations. For instance, I developpe mechanical systems, and I need to store variables. Using a server is not good for me, because if I translate my applications in .exe, I would like they run as usual, with simplicity and autonomy. So SQLite (or something closed) can bring a real increase to the developpers. At the same time, it permits not to integrate flash applications in VB, that is to say that Flash would be very interesting for scientifical applications.
    2) The second way I see is that if we have commands to communicate with the ‘com ports’ like in VB, we can have new possibilities to developp automatism with a capability to modify the processes in a real short time. I have this experience, and in this way, I see that Flash has many potentials.
    From my point of view, Flash has many possibilities, but the commands are not realised today.
    With Actionscript, I think that the developpers can render a very powerfull engine with flash. I imagine that Actionscript (even if it’s target is turned to the web today), can become a language more powerfull than a VB or a C language, and flash a base for complex applications.
    I believe and pry to think that it could be.
    So, what about these targets at Adobe ?
    Do you think that manipulate datas with SQLite is not a dream ?
    Thanks for answer

  2. flashmech says:

    I would have never expected my post to get a comment such as yours! 😀

    I’m certainly not the best person to ask, since I’m still an end user like you after all. You can drop Mike Chambers a message and he’ll definitely have a better answer for you. 😉