The FlashTracer That Works With Firefox 3

Call it a case of bad advertising I will. In the line of work that I’m in, I can’t help but feel this way. :/

In my opinion, FlashTracer was the best thing that happened in Flash development on the browser. However, ever since I upgraded to Firefox 3, I landed myself in pain. FlashTracer was no longer working for the new version of Firefox, and umpteen checks on the addon page yielded no updates.

I was disappointed (and was still in much pain).

Only recently did a friend of mine tell me that there _was_ an update for FlashTracer for Firefox 3, which was available _way back_ in July. Shocked and stunned by my blindness, I asked him why I couldn’t find it on the FlashTracer addon page. It was then that he told me that I have to google it~ :S

Well so, here it is, FlashTracer v2.3.1 (saving you from the extra step of searching). 😉 I’m not surprised if there are still people out there who aren’t aware of this, so help spread the word!

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5 Responses to The FlashTracer That Works With Firefox 3

  1. Dirk says:

    Unfortunately not working with FF 3.03… the story continues :(

  2. Pablo_aSH says:

    I can’t make it work with FP10 :(

  3. Josh says:

    after downloading the newest version of flashtracer from:

    in flashplayer 10 you need to create a file named mm.cfg in folder:
    WIN XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\

    copy the next 2 lines to mm.cfg

    now the flashlog.txt file will be created on next start of firefox 3 automatically

    hope that helps!

  4. Josh, for me it still doesn’t work. Can you send me an email with a possible fix please?

  5. mike gunper says:

    i have firefox 3.0.1 tried all of the above still could not get this plugin to work. i just gave up on it