Gaia: A Front-end Framework for Adobe Flash

Gaia Framework for Adobe Flash

Roughly about 6 months ago, my then colleague Arul blogged about Gaia, and that marked the changes in me ever since. 😀

Authored by Steven Sacks, “Gaia is a front-end Flash Framework designed to dramatically reduce development time”. What I love about it is that it provides common solutions to repeated tasks that we, as front-end developers, have to face in almost every project, such as:

  • Navigation
  • Transitions
  • Preloading
  • Asset management
  • Site structure
  • Deep linking

From my own experiences of using it in a recent project, Gaia has indeed proven itself in the following areas:

  1. The Scaffolding engine creates a click through version of my site in less than 10 minutes! I was able to have a basic run through thereafter with my designer and setting things right the first time saves us a huge amount of time changing later on.
  2. I used to hear about swfobject and the goodness of deep linking that swfaddress brings, but I never had an idea of how to implement them. With Gaia, they’re already done for me! No pain, all gain! 😛
  3. I am able to do things the way I like, without restricting my coding style by the way Gaia is implemented. This is absolutely a plus, because I don’t have to conform to it, and it still works!

These are just some of the key points actually. The extent of the convenience and time that I saved allowed me to even blog about this right now. 😀 To fully understand it’s capabilities, there’s no other better way than to use it in your next project. 😉

You can download the latest framework here, find the documentation here, and if happen to have a few minutes to spare, watch how you can build your very first Gaia project here!


The long awaited AS3 Gaia Framework is nearly upon us! Find out how to participate in the beta release on January 22nd! *w00t*

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