My Gaia Presentation At Flex Usergroup

What's Gaia?

Right, so yesterday I did a presentation at the local Flex Usergroup about Gaia, titled “What’s Gaia?” It’s kinda a last-minute-decision title, but I guess since the majority of the attendees are Flex programmers, they may not know the existence of the powerful Gaia Framework for Adobe Flash. :)

What was really cool was that Steven Sacks, the creator of the framework, joined us in the presentation via our channel in as well. He even helped to answer some questions from the floor that stumped me. Thanks Steven! *w00t~*

As promised, you can take a look at the slides, and download them to view or play with them. Remember I mentioned that site.xml is _the XML that rules them all_? Have fun! 😀

The session was also recorded (embedded below), but you have to forward to approximately the 24th minute to skip the announcements. 😉

Biggest turnout at FUG yet!
Biggest turnout at FUG yet!

Ma look! Me presenting!
Ma look! Me presenting!

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6 Responses to My Gaia Presentation At Flex Usergroup

  1. MrSteel says:

    Good presentation! Ma will be proud 😉

  2. 5566 says:

    I lao sai yesterday. Missed it… Will go through the slides!

  3. flashmech says:

    Thanks for the compliments!

    Was wondering what happened to you. Hope you feeling better now. :)

    Watch the video too! It’s more meaning with the slides this way. 😉

  4. Steven Sacks says:

    Thanks again for presenting Gaia, Lionel. I’m glad you enjoy using it enough to get up in front of a room full of people and share it! :)

  5. flashmech says:

    I’m in turn more thankful to you for sharing this framework, because I truly think it’s awesome with the limited amount of knowledge that I know about it.

    Guess that’s the cool part of it: You don’t have to know all the features to get it to work, but if you have some specific needs, the framework already provides them. :)

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