Generate ActionScript 3.0 With StarUML

UML is the kind of programmers’ lingo that I have a vague knowledge about—it involves diagrams describing classes. After hearing about it a year ago, I still only have a rough idea about it. The exact details are somehow too much for me to find out (read:mental block).

So back when Trevor McCauley (Senocular) first posted about UML and the ability to use them to generate ActionScript 3.0 classes, I was _psyched!_ 😀

The hurdle was however, still apparent.

Fundamentally, I still have no idea how something exactly describes itself in UML. To complicate things a little further, StarUML’s interface seems a bit too overwhelming to explore without some proper guidelines or tutorials.

My wish came true when Trevor posted his latest beta release of ActionScript 3.0 generation with StarUML yesterday. With it came a full tutorial on exactly how to accomplish this feat. *w00t~!*

As a self-taught programmer, I regard understanding UML highly. This explains why I’m going to invest today to soak up the article, since this knowledge will aid a long way in molding me into a better OOP programmer.

Aren’t you checking it out too? 😉

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