Heart Of The School

Heart of the School - A Youth Photography Competition and Exhibition

Heart of the School is a website crafted for a youth photography competition and exhibition. The website was already live since May, but got recently updated with the winners section. The exhibition is also now on till 17th August 2011 at the National Geographic Store at VivoCity. Do check it out when you are in the vicinity! :)

This project was particularly interesting for me because for the first time, I leveraged SWFAddress in Gaia Framework for deeplinking so extensively. For example, you can navigate to the 1st prize winner of Category A using the following URL, http://heartoftheschool.yolo.sg/#/winners/a/1. The nicety of SWFAddress includes the ability to update the window’s title bar with the winning photo’s title. 😉

Another highlight of the project can be found at the Heart of the School’s home page, where you can interact with the logo, pushing the elements with your mouse. I remember back in the days before AS3, the similar could still be achieved, but not without the tedious work of converting every element on the stage into a movieclip first. With AS3, this is so much simpler.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Wrap all the elements into one movieclip.
  2. In the movieclip (which I made a class for), loop through every display object using numChildren, and wrap it with a Sprite. You may, of course, make a class for that as well.
  3. Finally, each Sprite or class should respond to the stage’s MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE event, and reposition the sprites based on the location of the mouse.

This project also mark my first use of BulkLoader. The library is really simple to use, and it made me wonder why can’t Adobe make loading external data and assets as universal as that. :/

Tweening was done with my favourite TweenMax library as usual. Did I mention that TimelineLite/TimelineMax kicks serious ass? You seriously need to try that out if you haven’t. :)

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