How Pixel Perfectness Drove Me Mad

I’m always overly obsessed when it comes to placement of text in Flash IDE. If the font is a pixel font, and it does not lie exactly on whole numbers in the x and y axis, then the font will appear blurred. From this habit that I had in handling pixel fonts, it soon spread to all objects that I had on the stage; I would want *everything* to be lying perfectly on whole numbers in both axis.

As you might have guessed, this pixel perfect habit of mine drove me rather mad whenever the rest of the team did not bother about it. I could easily spend hours just perfecting the coordinates. Yes, it’s highly possible more of a disease than a habit. *loL~*

Anyway, as I was playing around Flash IDE today, I found the cure! Snap to Pixels! Why haven’t I explored this in all my years with Flash?! :(

So if you are suffering from pixelperfectitis as well, here’s your medication.

View -> Snapping -> Snap to Pixels
Snap to Pixels

Ahh… How nice to find a cure… 😀

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6 Responses to How Pixel Perfectness Drove Me Mad

  1. Yeah i hear your pain. As a developer, i constantly have to fix the stuff our designers here give me that is not properly set up on pixels.

    So I actually made a flash command (Next to file | edit | on the top tab menu), that will place all the items you have selected on integers. It’s fairly useful

    It also has some other things like:
    Creates MovieClips from selected layers
    Name selected instances sequentially
    Set all seleced items to whole pixels
    Set Width and Height to whole pixels
    Convert selected library bitmaps to movieclips

    If you’re not familiar with using flash commands, you’ll have to google about where to place the files, cus it’s kind of annoying but well worth it.

    Feel free to use them, have fun!

  2. flashmech says:

    Thanks for sharing! I think it’s a really cool library! I was intending to work on something like that as well because older files will still be non-pixel-perfect, but thanks to your work that will save me a lot of time. Thanks again! :)

  3. 5566 says:

    I’ve writen this script to adjust everything to be pixel perfect.

  4. Ranoka says:

    Just a warning about “snap to pixel”
    If you distribute to layers, then everything will get slightly offset, it’s an annoying bug. Ideally you should turn snapping off before doing distribute to layers and then turn it back on afterward. I think people have made JSFL for that.

    I can understand having everything pixel perfect for design, layout, text etc. But it’s completely inappropriate for stuff like character animation…

  5. Adrian Parr says:

    Flash CS4 seems a lot better at actually snapping to whole pixel values than CS3 did. In Flash CS3, if you dragged a symbol from the library on to the stage (with ‘Snap to Pixels’ turned on) your movieclip would end up positioned on a half pixel. I’ve just tested this in Flash CS4 and it snaps to a whole pixel every time. At last!