How To Create AS3 Components In Flash

Probably the last places I would have thought of stumbling onto great links to tutorials will be, but who would have expected? 😛

Jeff Kamerer, an engineer on the Flash Authoring team, had written an extensive article on Adobe’s Developer Center, which focuses on how to make your own AS3 components with the Flash CS3 framework.

Though it’s still work in progress, it already contains detailed information.
Contents at a glance:

  1. Set up the layers and frames in your component movie clip symbol
  2. Implement Live Preview for your component
  3. Dispatch events
  4. Support styles and easily editable skins
  5. Manage drawing with the invalidation model
  6. Manage focus
  7. Handle keyboard input
  8. Create a compiled clip shim for your ActionScript definitions
  9. Deploy your component to the Components panel

(Via >> Robert Penners Programming Macromedia Flash)

(Or Ropert Penner’s blog >> Creating AS3 Components in Flash: The Lost Chronicles – A Kamerer Adventure)

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