I Found Great Mac Softwares At Low Low Prices!

It has been quite a while since I bought my Mac, and frankly speaking, I wished that I had known such a post like the one I’m writing here so that I knew where to get great Mac softwares at affordable prices. I mean, who doesn’t like to grab an application that is 85% off its original price? 😀

I’ve since grabbed a couple of bundles here and there, and thought it will be an excellent idea to share these treasure sites. May you find the same sentiments. 😉

Current, hottest bundles

Quite frankly, I bought this bundle because of Path Finder. I’ve heard of plenty of great reviews about it for very long, not to mention why I hear such reviews was because I was searching for an alternative to Finder. It was too much a clutter. Of course, the bundle came with other surprises like DragThing, Socialite and Radio Gaga which I’m enjoying since the day they were installed.

Something worthy of note, that when MacUpdate Promo is not selling bundled softwares, they still have great daily deals.

This bundle is specially catered for Flash Developers and freelancers I must say. Almost all the applications are business oriented, geared towards helping independent freelancers with their work. Definitely worth a check.

I have been following this for quite some time. It seems that the promotion never runs out! However, the content of the bundle changes each time the timer hits zero. Coupled with their weekly specials, you might want to check back every so often.

Off season bundles

MacHeist has been as popular as they are successful. They have just finished their nanoBundle, but from experience, they are always cooking something up. :)

This is the bundle for graphic designers and photographers alike!

The Mac Sale
I missed this completely. Shame on me. Heard that there were some really cool deals. Oh well, there’s always a next time!

Mac Bundle Box
This bundle seems to be coming soon. Do keep your eyes on them!

Other than the above bundles, this site is also of worthy mention. They bring great discounts on applications daily. 😉

Have fun app-shopping!

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