jQuery: A Hidden Blessing


I love to evangelise about tools, frameworks or books that had aided me in my course of work. After my recent project, I feel the need to write this post about jQuery to spread the love that it had given me. :)

It was simply too impressive; jQuery opened up the world of client-side scripting for HTML for me after investing just a day to learn about the language’s selectors. What followed was just referring to the documentation, coding out the desired, and the magic happened!

May I add that it had been 5 years since the last time I touched JavaScript too, and the only ones that I used back then were downloaded from Dynamic Drive. 😛

To me, jQuery is a language that made a whole lot of sense, hid away the extraneous that normal JavaScript requires, and so all that is left is a language that is very easy to code and maintain.

I am no JavaScript pro, and I know it. Yet, in a few lines I was able to create what I could only used to dream of. The ease of use and learning only quickens production time, leaving more space for exploration and fun.

The key in making jQuery such a blessing, is that it is truly browser independent. There were some situations when maneuvering around CSS browser quirks would take too much time, so I turned to jQuery’s CSS for help. With another line of code, it got the job done perfectly, and it placed a grand smile on my face. 😀

This was the first time I had experienced joy while writing JavaScript, especially so on my reliable java hosting. Might be biased for me to say since I have yet to try other JavaScript frameworks, but jQuery, you’re the best. :)

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