Learn Git For Free With AppSumo

If you are still managing your files and their versions manually with some arcane naming conventions, it’s time to get out of the well. AppSumo has teamed up with Alex Hillman to teach us about version control and mastering Git.

I’ve had some experience with Git before, but it had gone all rusty. After going through this course, not only has it brought back my lost confidence working with Git, it has also helped me gain additional insight on one important aspect: working with remote repositories. With clear, step-by-step explanation by Alex in the video, I’ve managed to extend what I learnt to set up a remote repository on my preferred remote server provider.

Now I can be assured that my hard work is safe even if my computer burst into flames right now. 😉

Seriously, I would sign up for you if I could, but I can’t. So take my advice and sign up now to learn more about Git if you fall into any of these two categories:

  • You are not using any form of version control for your files.
  • You are manually managing version control for your files.

This course is provided free of charge thanks to AppSumo.

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