Lesser Space Than Before After Uninstalling Adobe CS3?

It’s weird, but I need confirmation. Solutions are more than welcome. :)

I’ve installed and uninstalled Adobe CS3 Design Premium twice, and with each uninstall, the size on my hard disk seems to have gone down quite a bit (~600mb). I can’t confirm the actual size because in between the installation I’ve been adding some files on my computer but definitely not ~1.2gb worth.

After each uninstall, I’ll be emptying whatever contents (if any) in my recycle bin, cleaning up the temporary internet folders, and even defragmenting my registry and doing disk clean up. Tried to look into the Program Files folder to find any repository of temporary installation files that might have facilitated the installation, but to no avail. All that couldn’t get me back my lost space.

Anyone experienced this as well? :(

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7 Responses to Lesser Space Than Before After Uninstalling Adobe CS3?

  1. Arul Prasad says:

    Clean up the help files in Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\ …
    Also clean up the
    Documents and Settings/**Username**/ Local Settings/Application Data/Adobe /**applications uninstalled** folders.

  2. shunjie says:

    That helps 😉

  3. flashmech says:

    Thanks for the advice Arul!
    Unfortunately though, those 2 folders dint have much data that I can clear. Guess I’ll look along the line of the Documents and Settings and see what else I can find. 😛

  4. alvin says:

    Yep when you uninstall CS3 it still leaves many files behind. Adding on to Arul’s comments, sometimes the files even stays on in the program files folder.
    What I did was that I did a search of the whole harddisk for anything called Adobe and wiped them out.

  5. Arul Prasad says:

    if its not those files in ur home directory, it must be the unpacked installer payload sitting somewhere on ur harddrive. When you install CS3 applications, it will first prompt you to select a location to save the extracted payload. Those files must be still left out after installation.
    Search for a folder called "Adobe CS3" in ur machine, and that should be it.

  6. ndee says:

    what arul say is correct…the payload will generate quite a huge amount of extracted files into your drive…u can also get a good uninstaller which totally wipes out the installation…one of which is through WinXP Manager by YanicSoft…theres a uninstaller tool inside which uninstalls the software scans register or your hdd for any related traces of it. but. why uninstall cs3? i’ve been using it so far so good except a few bugs here and there with Indesign…the rest is running fine.

  7. flashmech says:

    never heard of YanicSoft, but I do use other softwares to fix up the registry and stuff. Uninstalled CS3 that time due to some error which I can’t remember what it was. 😀