New toy: JSFL

I first came across JSFL when I tried to compile a Flash file through FlashDevelop. That was the time when I saw in Flash IDE’s Output panel, this error message about a JSFL file failing to execute.

At line 8 of file "C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Tools\flashide\testmovie.jsfl": Exception thrown in native function.

Of course at that time, I had no clues about what JSFL was and I’m not bothered to find out what it might do. I’m more pressed with the concern that my Flash file is failing on me. 😀 (The deadline was so tight, JSFL don’t blame me. 😛)

Recently, while reading Grant Skinner’s blog, I stumbled upon his gAlign extension tool for Flash IDE. In that blog post, he mentioned about using “custom JSFL calls” to accomplish his stuff. Seeing how JSFL is able to manipulate Flash IDE’s content, that got me seriously curious about the technology behind it.

Googled for JSFL as I had absolutely no idea where to start from, and found this introductory article by Guy Watson. In the article, he establishes facts about JSFL and where did it came from. Unfortunately, it didn’t seems to be what I’m looking for.

How can one ever forget about Flash Help? 😀 I did a search in there and found exactly what I needed. All the treasures and secrets about JSFL were all lying in the book Extending Flash, waiting for me to uncover them. hehe..

So now, I’m getting all excited about this new discovered “power” (of course the power itself is not new, and existent for a pretty long while. it’s just my ignorance. 😀 but no more!). Got some opinions from friends about what should I develop as an extension for flash, and Arul in particular gave an interesting one.

My first JSFL project will hence be a series of custom drawing tools!

Stay tuned!

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