PureMVC Courseware


I’ve always been very keen on learning design patterns (especially being a self taught programmer), and this just seems to be the perfect chance to ease myself into the world of MVC for Flash, Flex, or AIR platforms. I’ve just gotten myself signed up as a beta tester for this courseware, and with credentials that this courseware is excellent, I suggest you get your feet wet with this as well. 😀

In case you have not heard of PureMVC, it “is a lightweight framework for creating applications in ActionScript 3, based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern”.

Read more about it here.

Why not get yourself started as well? 😉

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3 Responses to PureMVC Courseware

  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m signed up now as well :)

  2. David Jumeau says:

    The courseware is not available. Was it moved somewhere?