PV3D Render Error With TextFields

PV3D Render Error TextFields Screenshot

While writing my previous tutorial, I noticed this rendering bug with PV3D when my movieclip, which is to be used as a MovieAssetMaterial, uses a static textfield in it.

I have no idea exactly what causes it, but to workaround, you have to break apart the textfield into shapes. :)

The above solution is however, only valid if the text is meant for graphical purposes only. If you really have to use a textfield, use a dynamic textfield and embed the fonts. I’ve tried and it works this way as well. 😉

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4 Responses to PV3D Render Error With TextFields

  1. 5566 says:

    I think the text is too big (invisibly big). Fonts are tricky. It’s very unstable.

  2. flashmech says:

    Mmm… That would be extremely tricky, as I’m just using static textfields that are definitely smaller than the square. lol~

  3. 5566 says:

    Flash text fields are more than meet the eye, :)

  4. Madmotts says:

    I’m using dynamic text fields and if you turn off the myMovieAssetMaterial.animated=false property too soon, it doesn’t render the text. (PV 2.0 beta 1). Has anyone else encountered this?