AirTalkr: A Serious Contender For AIR Developer Derby

The Adobe AIR Developer Derby had officially closed on September 5. Although I’ve yet to take a detailed look around the community for projects that were submitted for it, I believe that this project is worthy to take a serious look. 😉

AirTalkr is an Instant Messaging(IM) client which aggregates other IM services like MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AOL and ICQ. In addition, it has the ability to connect to Flickr to search and browse for photos, and YouTube to watch videos.

While the aforementioned sounds like regular features that many other IM services may provide, AirTalkr comes bundled with a (killer) feature that other services does not provide. It introduces the AirCard, which is a profiling system that allows you to read your buddies’ updated Twitter messages, blog entries, see their Flickr photos, and view their profile on social networking websites like MySpace and Friendster! Wow what a mouthful! 😛

So why is that great? Well, through using the AirCard, I can have updated information of my buddies, and more importantly, the ability to discover more details of their information on this vast web world, all at the same place! Now that’s something that money can’t buy, because it’s free! 😀

With that, I term AirTalkr as a serious contender for this competition. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and love went into the development of this project, and with such a breakthrough feature of the AirCard, I expect many other IM services to mimic.

Try AirTalkr now!

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5 Responses to AirTalkr: A Serious Contender For AIR Developer Derby

  1. AirTalkr looks really cool! For some reason it doesn’t work on my MacBook Pro though. Total bummer. I get a strange allocation error on launch that just loops forever. I’ll try again once they update it.

    Thanks for letting me know about it Lionel!


  2. Bryant L. Raymond says:

    It would be nice if this app worked on Mac …. but I tried it on my iMac and Mac Book and it’s throwing errors. I downloaded it on my friend’s PC and it worked fine. Seems like it has a lot of cool features… just wish it was cross platform.

  3. flashmech says:

    @Andy @Bryant

    Hmm… weird that’s happening, since it’s developed with AIR and should run cross platform. I dint come across that error cos I installed and played with it on my PC. I’ve already alerted my friend, so I hope an update is on its way soon. Many thanks for the feedback! :)

  4. JY says:

    I get an error on my Mac : Unable to allocate region of size -1094963200

  5. Shunjie says:

    Hmm, the mac problem is stressing. I believe it is either the full screen problem or native-window with FLEX problem for the current AIR build. Either I try to build with AIR engineering drop or I will see if there is any workaround I can do. Let a lesson that cannot assume Mac and PC works the same for AIR!