Singularity: The Global Web Conference


If you’re still among the crowd who’s asking “what’s Singularity?”, you really ought to read this post. 😛

The Singularity Web Conference is a global event taking place between the dates of October 24-26 2008, held online on their website, with renowned speakers from across all popular web technology platforms. There’s just too many web rockstars to name, so why don’t you just drop by and take a look? 😉

I can’t wait for the list of topics that they will be speaking about! What’s great is that all sessions will be recorded and made available for all ticket holders. Very nice! 😀

Just about an hour ago, Singularity has just started the sales for tickets! Go grab an early bird ticket at a discounted rate now~!

Great job and kudos to Team Singularity for making this possible! Finally here’s a conference where you can attend from anywhere in the world (with Internet of course! 😛 ).

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One Response to Singularity: The Global Web Conference

  1. Aral Balkan says:

    Hey man, thanks so much for writing about Singularity! Looking forward to having you at the conference.