What Can You Do In 25 Lines Of ActionScript?

Ever wondered what you can do in 25 lines of ActionScript?
Ever wondered if you are able to bring creativity, interactivity, or even life, to your codes?

Stop wondering. 😉

Keith Peters (bit-101) has come up with this fun competition that you can participate today, without the usual months of your time to participate.

The 25-Line ActionScript Contest is as simple as its name suggests, writing 25 lines of ActionScript! Of course, there are rules that you have to adhere to, but I’m sure they won’t limit your creativity. 😀

With the competition comes a very attractive top prize, so why don’t you get your hands dirty in the next few days? The current contest had already started on Saturday (bummer for me), and will end on 12:00 midnight of Friday, November 28, 2008 EST.

This competition brings reminiscence of a not-too-distant past, when I participated in the ActionScript Awards 2004 in Singapore when I was still a student. Try out my entry in the black box that you see on the landing page! 😉

Those were the AS1 days, and I have been craving for competitions like these ever since. Real awesome that Keith Peters came up with this 25-Line ActionScript Contest now. Happy coding people! 😀

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