What Do You Want To Learn?

Guys, this is important. 2 questions.

  1. I want to know what you guys are keen to learn when it comes to the Flash Platform. Feel free to let me know anything, be it about Flash, ActionScript, Flex, frameworks, libraries, softwares related to Flash, general tips and tricks, etc..

    Part of the reason I’m asking this is because of the next FlashMove Singapore Usergroup meeting. If your topic is selected, it will be covered soon in one of the session. 😉

  2. Are you interested about topics that are outside of Flash, say HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Unity3D, iOS Programming?

    The reason for asking this is because I want to know what you guys are working on and interested to learn about. This will affect the direction of what I write more geared towards what you are really interested in.

Thanks for the input guys! :)

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4 Responses to What Do You Want To Learn?

  1. Brett says:

    Flex is hard, I think if you could talk about the states in Flex 4.. that would be great. ie: When and Where should a state be used on components on applications ? on both etc… What is the best way to resolve some complex scenario using states… Elaborate on the lifeCycle of objects part in states scopes and how to pass data between them… I think the states in flex have a great potential but are hard to master.

    • Flashmech says:

      @Brett thanks for that. Personally I don’t do much Flex work, but it’s always great to know some crevices that developers out there are facing. I’m going to discuss this with the Singapore Flex Usergroup to see if we can get something to cover on this in the near future. Thanks! :)

  2. Seet says:

    Thanks for initiating this effort. (1) I am looking forward to best practices methods, tips and hacks on creating mobile/ipad apps with the flash platform. (2) It would be most helpful to educate front-end designers like myself with a very comphrensive site template framework on creating microsites with AS3 classes for transitions and interactivity, etc.

    • Flashmech says:

      @Seet Thanks for the comment. I may not be touching a lot on suggestion 1 as up till now, the packager still limits quite a bit of hardware API, and thus not the most useful IMO. I am gearing to learn it the native way, so hopefully can share more tips and tricks with Objective-C and Xcode in the near future. :) As for suggestion 2, that is a very good one, something that is very close to my heart in my current day-to-day operation. I look forward to bring you more content in this area. Cheers!