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“Simply the best” is how I will describe my hosting experience with WPWebHost. :) If you are not interested to read about my experience, but rather to get a discount from hosting with WPWebHost, you should definitely check out the coupon code at the end of this post. 😉

When my hosting with GoDaddy was about to end, my search for a new hosting provider begun. I could have continued with GoDaddy to save myself the move, but chose not to. The reason is because throughout the four years of hosting with them, I felt their support was generally slow (about 24 hours?), with the usual reply templates that did not answer what I needed. If I needed further details, their next response will take another 24 hours. I simply couldn’t afford to waste that kind of time. :(

At that time, AppSumo was running a free deal that gave a discount for a WordPress hosting provider called WPWebHost. It seems like the exact deal that I needed; but of course, experience tells me to always do some research before jumping ship, so I did just that. I googled for “WPWebHost sucks” and guess what I found? An article with the exact title, WPWebHost Sucks!

Contrary to what I thought would be, the article raves on how good WPWebHost is, and how much it DOES NOT SUCK. *loL~* Having convinced me, I took the plunge.

The usual transition took place, and nobody… I repeat, NOBODY is ever a fan of changing their hosting provider. There were so many things involved: files, databases, DNS, FTP, amongst other settings that I can’t remember now. Although I did a fair chunk of the transition myself, I was stumbled by a couple of errors that I was getting. The key that made this transition simpler was my new host. :) Upon my request, they stepped in, fixed the errors, and upgraded my WordPress version to the latest. How cool is that. 😀

Over the next few weeks, I became really impressed with their level of service and support. They replied to my emails within a couple of hours tops (with some cases as fast as within the hour), at all times of the day (including those night and really odd hours), and basically helped me with everything I threw at them. WPWebHost became more like a friend that I can trust and rely on.

This is just the second month of my hosting with them, and the number of emails that we had exchanged already far exceeds the number of emails I had with GoDaddy, with whom I had hosted for four years! It isn’t to say that GoDaddy is so good, which was why I never had to communicate anything with them. Rather, it is because of their response time that made me felt “Left4Dead”. With WPWebHost, I felt empowered to iron out all the minute issues. That’s the difference.

Now, not only does my website enjoys near 100% up-time, but with their Freedom Plan I’m also enjoying a free monthly 50GB CDN service. I’m a truly satisfied customer, sporting a blazingly-fast website. 😀

If you are looking to change your hosting provider, I highly recommend WPWebHost. Flashmech.net hooked up with them to bring you a whooping 25% off when purchasing any of their plans by using the coupon code “FLASHMECH25″.

I look forward to hear your success stories hosting with them as well. :)

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