Writing My AS3 Story

The past few weeks saw me busy with work, but it was very rewarding as well! I’m a procrastinator, and quite a bad one in fact, considering that AS3 has been out for so long already. The huge mental block wasn’t easy to overcome when I wanted to challenge myself to use AS3 for the projects that I have on hand, but I’m glad I put myself through it. 😀

A little theory which would probably bore everyone, but yet it’s so true. Everything starts out difficult. Once you managed to get yourself past that initial stage, I can guarantee you that most likely you won’t want to step back to AS2 development. 😉

In my midst of self learning, I’ve gathered a lot of resources (which now resides as tabs on my Firefox, and I refuse to close until I blog them 😛) and learnt a lot about developing with AS3. Without overloading this post with all these information, I’ll be posting them through the next few days whenever I’m free.

Deadline is, however, still tight. It’s looking brighter though, as I’m having a short two weeks break from work starting next week. If all goes well, it will be a two weeks of information gathering (more!) and AS3 blogging! 😀

Happy times ahead~!

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