You Built A Great Product. What Next?

Features after features are probably what all software companies are always pursuing. It’s understandable, because the need to set your product/service apart and ahead is critical. Instead of running the features race to gain leadership, I’ve recently discovered another key in keeping your users/customers happy while using your product/service.

After a departure a year ago, I began to use Netvibes again lately. It was very nice to see the new Netvibes providing much more customisable features from what I used to remember. I found myself wanting to spend more time in it, customise my interface and personalise it so that my digital life will have a home.

It felt like my digital home! 😀


Yesterday, when Google announced that they rolled out themes for Gmail, again I was elated! Without realising, I spent the next hour, sacrificing my precious bedtime, to look through all the details of the themes and design, savouring them for what they’re worth. These are still presets; I can’t imagine how much time I will spend if I can get my hands onto the finest details. 😛

And yes I know that the labs feature in Gmail have been there very long, but yup, I just tried them out yesterday too. The level of customisation that I did to my Gmail has made me an even happier user to their already great service. Frankly, I would even just pop by my mailbox just to look at _my_ new interface. *loL~*

Gmail Themes
Gmail Themes

So what’s the point that I’m driving? I think there’s a certain level of importance in bringing customisability to your product/service. After building your great product/service, the next step that you cannot overlook is allowing your users/customers to personalise the environment.

Once they feel at home, it’s unlikely they will leave for another product/service. It’s that sense of human touch that makes you happy while using it. 😉

On a separate note, I should be writing an article on how to personalise your FDT environment very soon. For the sake of whetting, here’s how your FDT environment might look like.

FDT Customised

Watch out for it. 😉

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